Delicious Plant-based Recipes for You & the Planet


Welcome to Magic Beans Kitchen (MBK) where you can find delicious plant-based recipes that are both good for you and the planet!

My name is Kyoko, mother of two young children – my “magic beans”. One is allergic to eggs, dairy, all nuts (except walnuts and pine nuts), sesame seeds and even some fish, while the other is an extremely fussy eater; they even have a cousin who is celiac.

I also consider myself a committed environmentalist and I grow food at an allotment in North London to help reduce waste, minimise single use plastics whenever possible and eating sustainably to help our planet. I believe that a big change starts with small actions.

There are a plethora of plant-based and vegan recipes and products, but not all take into account their environmental impact. And many contain nuts. So I started MBK to share my recipes with the world so that the whole family, even those with food allergies, can enjoy delicious food together while also being considerate about our planet.

About Kyoko Nakayoshi

I was born in Japan but have lived most of my life in the U.K. I am a trained pharmacist and have run my own knitting pattern design business. I am now a busy mum and focusing my life on healthy plant-based food that everyone can enjoy from young to old while helping saving the planet for our future. I knit and sew in my own spare time and also collect cacti.

Eating food environmentally

Agriculture is one of the biggest driving forces behind the destruction of the planet, especially the production of animal-based food.

Food accounts for over a quarter of global GHG emissions;

  • Over 80% of our carbon footprint comes from clearing forests and the use of fertilisers and methane emissions from cattle.
  • Half of the world’s habitable land is used for agriculture, of which meat and dairy production takes up more than three-quarters.
  • 70% of global fresh water is used for agriculture.
  • 78% of global ocean and freshwater eutrophication is caused by the production and application of fertilisers.
  • 94% of mammal biomass (excluding humans) is livestock and they outweigh wild mammals by a factor of 15 to 1.

Due to human activities, our planet is currently under serious environmental pressure. It is also estimated that, by 2050, if we continue with business as usual, including the current agricultural practice, we would require between 2-7 Earths to support ourselves in the future… but we only have one planet!

So what can we do? We can focus on a more plant-based diet and reduce our red meat consumption (you don’t need to give up eating meat, just eat less). This is something that we can all do straight away to improve our health, our future food security and the environment.

But it’s not just what’s inside the packet but how it’s packaged and transported – the amount of plastics in the ocean should make all consumers think twice about both their choice of food, where it comes from and how it’s packaged. There is no point eating plant-based food coming from miles away that’s wrapped in piles of single-use plastics that are not recycled properly.

Of course the whole agricultural practice needs changing and this can only be done at the top level. But we are all in it to win it and shifting towards a more plant-based diet is one thing we can do immediately for a better future for us and our planet.

If many of us do small positive things, it can have a great impact on our society and environment. I feel it is my duty as a human being, living and sharing with all living species on this planet, to be more considerate about what we eat because food is unquestionably connected to the health of the Earth – the only place we can live.

So here at MBK, I create recipes that help myself, my family and anyone around the world to start eating more good-for-you-and-the-planet food.


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