A Most Delicious Cavolo Nero Smoothie

We all want to start the year as we mean to go on and while COVID remains a major concern for people around the world, it has become even more important for us to stay healthy.

What better way to start each day than by rustling up a super healthy smoothie! I have been making my super healthy cavolo nero smoothie since the beginning of the year and it has been the perfect antitode to the gloomy cold mornings in London.

Dark-Coloured Food

I was reminded by a friend the other day about the amazing benefits of eating dark-coloured fruits and vegetables, which are incredibly good for you and packed full of nutrients.

Cavolo nero is a brassica that is related to kale, cabbage and the like. It is a good source of lutein, vitamins K, A and C as well as fibre, calcium, manganese, copper, iron and many more!

What I also love about cavolo nero is that it is planet-friendly (listed as one of the Future 50 Food), meaning that it can be grown and harvested all year around in most places, reducing the carbon footprint compared with other perishable vegetables that have to be transported by air while out of season.

Environmental Consideration

I grow cavolo nero in my allotment and harvest the leaves as I need them. Freshly harvested cavolo nero tastes much sweeter than shop-bought ones and I love it, because it means I am reducing plastic waste and my carbon footprint on the environment. It feels fantastic when what you do is benefiting the planet!

Berries are a different story though. They can only be harvested during the summer. So buying fresh berries especially in the UK would result in high carbon footprint. The best way to enjoy summer fruits in winter is to actually use frozen ones as they are not transported by air, which would bump up the carbon footprint.

Ingredients for Cavolo Nero Smoothie

Although the quantity below is only for a small tumbler, you will find it quite filling. I only need to use two-thirds of the amount each day.

50g cavolo nero
100g berries (I usually use blueberries and blackberries, but sometimes I add raspberries)
1/2 lemon (I take the skin off like you can see in the video, take the seeds out and blitz the whole thing – this amount weighs between 35-40g)
10-15g honey or vegan maple syrup, or any other sweetner you like to use

Add all the ingredients in the juicer. It is always best to place lemon and berries at the bottom near the blades so that it would blitz smoothly.

Blitz for about 1 min or so until everything is nice and smooth.

Drink, be happy and be healthy!